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The Real Reason Bungie is Suing This YouTuber For $7.6 Million
As one of the biggest developers in the gaming industry, Bungie shot to fame with its iconic “Halo” series, was recently purchased by Sony, and is now hard at work producing DLCs and updates for its popular live service game “Destiny 2.” However, amidst all of its success, Bungie has developed a reputation for quickly becoming litigious.
In June 2022, Bungie filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Nicholas Minor, claiming that Minor ignored its letters to remove numerous "Destiny" soundtrack songs from their channel — until the videos were automatically taken down by YouTube. Minor wasn’t too happy about this development and swiftly retaliated against Bungie.
Allegedly, the YouTuber impersonated CSC Global (the brand protector of "Destiny") and sent out ninety-six separate letters to “Destiny” community members, informing them that they needed to take down their videos. With its reputation tarnished, Bungie is now seeking damages of $7.6 million, with $150,000 for each work affected by the takedown notices.