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The Real Reason Dr Disrespect May Stop Streaming For Two Years
While streaming with TimtTheTatman, Dr Disrespect admitted to his friend that the only game lately to pique his interest was his own: “Project Moon.” Recently, Dr Disrespect has decided to create his own game studio and reimagine what game development looks like — for instance, he’s creating a complex system of playtesters who will pay for the privilege of being involved.
Dr Disrespect said to TimTheTatman that he was considering taking two years off, as that was how long he felt it would take to finish “Project Moon.” Instead of weighing judgment on whether the Doc should or shouldn't take a lengthy break, TimTheTatman turned to another potential problem — gaming media — and mused that the Doc's potential break would make headlines.
Dr Disrespect went on to say that games journalists don't understand his approach to “Project Moon” and seem overly concerned about his game’s use of NFTs and aggressive development timeline. What “Project Moon” might ultimately look like or if the Doc will actually take two years off remains unclear, but it’s obvious he wants to do something different in the gaming industry.