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The Stunning Evolution Of Corpse Husband
His Secret Job
In an interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse Husband said that he's put a ton of effort into keeping his YouTube career a secret, adding, "I've had a lot of weird situations come of that." He has no easy explanation for where he gets his income, which can result in all sorts of fraught conversations, and joked, "I just come off sketchy to everybody."
Mykie & Corpse
Corpse is highly secretive about his identity, but in his interview with Padilla, he identified Mykie as the first person from YouTube that he revealed his face to. Subsequently, Corpse has opened up and connected with more of his YouTube friends, even collaborating with other creators like MrBeast, and in 2021, he finally met Valkyrae in person.
School Dropout
Corpse dropped out of school when he was 12-years-old, and though the decision must have come at a volatile time in his life, he now jokes about it while also encouraging his fans not to follow in his footsteps. "My teachers all said I would be nothing, and all my friends thought I was a drug dealer, and everybody thinks I just dropped off the face of the planet," Corpse said.
Corpse’s Music
In about two and a half years, Corpse's music channel has picked up nearly 3 million subscribers. Tracks like "MISS YOU" and "CAT GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" topped 10 million views, and his song "agoraphobic" pulled 43 million views; he also announced in May 2022 that his song "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" had become his first platinum record.
The Price of Fame
Corpse Husband has talked about how he almost never leaves his house anymore, in part because of constant worries that someone will recognize his voice and expose his identity to the world. It isn’t that much better online either, since his hidden identity often makes it easier for people to treat him like an inhuman source of entertainment and harass him.