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The Super Mario Bros. 3 Detail That Will Change How You See The Game
One of the most persistent myths among the Mario fandom is that the events of “Super Mario Bros. 3” are just an elaborate show put on by the featured characters. For years, this fan theory seemed to be just that, but a fun video from Nintendo finally revealed the truth behind “Super Mario Bros. 3” — and it’ll change the way fans look at just about every aspect of the game.
“Super Mario Bros. 3” opens with a curtain rising and revealing the title screen, and the theatrical aesthetic continues throughout the game. The game even ends with a curtain call, taking players back through a slideshow of the lands they’ve visited throughout the story, and according to “Super Mario Bros.” creator Shigeru Miyamoto, this was all intentional.
In a 2015 video entitled “Mario Myths with Mr. Miyamoto,” Nintendo asked the designer/director a series of questions about the long-running franchise and got a nod or a head shake to confirm or deny each one. It was here that Miyamoto settled the question of whether or not “Super Mario Bros. 3” was meant to be a play performed by the hero and his pals.