An actor dressed as Japanese multinational's famous video game character Mario Bros poses during the Madrid Games Week 2015 in Madrid on October 2, 2015. The video game fair is open from October 1 to 4. "Super Mario", the iconic little plumber featured in the hit video game by Nintendo, marked on September 13, 2015, 30 years since its initial release, with a new version drawing from the creativity of its players.   AFP PHOTO/ SEBASTIEN BERDA        (Photo credit should read SEBASTIEN BERDA/AFP via Getty Images)
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: 6 Things We Want to See (And 6 We Don't)
Don’t: New Faces
A big mistake would be to leave out a popular character or two in favor of all-new original characters. With the wealth of familiar faces available to the film’s producer, Illumination, there’s no real reason to take up screen time with characters that fans don’t know.
Do: Power-Ups
What makes Mario truly "super" are his power-ups, and the movie needs to include as many of them as possible. Audiences are bound to see fire flowers and 1-Ups, but it would also be fun to see other more extraneous power-ups from the “Mario” mythos like ice flowers and cat bells.
Don’t: Bad Jokes
The new movie should avoid the animated family film trend of truly bad jokes and use the "Paper Mario" series as a template for comedy writing, which, for instance, poked fun at Mario’s limited vocabulary. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” should strike a similar balance between comedy and reverence.
Do: Classic Levels
It would behoove "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" to incorporate the different locations that make up the “Mario” world. Places like grassy plains, underground sewers, and haunted mansions can load the movie with visual diversity while also paying tribute to the franchise's past.