Trevor in GTA 5
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The Supernatural GTA 5 Theory That Changes How You See Trevor
Trevor is consistently the most violent and sadistic of the three protagonists throughout the “GTA 5” story, appearing to revel in his misdeeds. All of the franchise's protagonists engage in over-the-top violence with some remorse, but Trevor seems to be just horrible, and some fans believe that there's a supernatural explanation for his bad behavior.
A fan on Reddit shared their theory and supporting evidence that suggests that Trevor seems so terribly evil because he is, in fact, a demon. The author cites several of Trevor's characteristics as proof of an otherworldly origin, including his special ability, Red Mist, which renders him invulnerable to damage, and his mother’s yellow eyes, often a sign of evil in fiction.
If Trevor is killed in the game's finale, his death involves burning, and a fiery demise would certainly be symbolic if he is actually a demon. While fans appear split on how likely this theory is, it does make gamers wonder if Rockstar was trying to bring some mystical elements into the series with Trevor and if GTA fans will see more supernatural elements in the future.