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The Tragic Fate That Awaits Every Pokemon Cartridge
The “Pokémon” video games started on the Nintendo Game Boy with “Red'' and “Blue,” but if today’s players want to load up those games on the classic console, they may have some trouble. There’s an issue in every “Pokémon” Game Boy cartridge that makes them encounter an error that could spell doom for them in the long run.
In 2015, a user on Stack Exchange reported that they had run into an issue with a "Pokémon Gold" game for the Game Boy that they had recently bought, as it seemed to delete all of their saved progress. Confused, the user asked if this was an issue brought on from the game they picked up being a fake cartridge, but it turned out to be a different problem.
According to another user's reply, the issue was that old Game Boy cartridges actually had a small battery in them that was used to maintain data when the game wasn't in use. "'Pokémon Gold' was released 15 years ago. The cartridge is very old and the battery has run out," the user reported — but luckily the CR2025 3V battery can be bought online and replaced.