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The Truth About Elden Ring’s Singing Bats Revealed
The most appealing element of FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” is the game’s open world — the Lands Between — with its gorgeous design, size, and creatures like the Chanting Winged Dame. More commonly known as the singing bats, the Chanting Winged Dame sings a somber song before engaging in battle with the player.
Gamers speculated the song was in Latin, and one player on Reddit deciphered and translated the alleged lyrics, interpreting the song as a sad tale about the degradation of the Lands Between. However, another Reddit user Magister Organi said that most of the Latin used in the game isn't actually Latin at all and is instead meaningless, computer-generated gibberish.
Organi further expanded on these findings in a Reddit post in which he received confirmation from Latin speakers and music composers who worked on "Elden Ring" that the lyrics didn't actually mean anything and were instead used to create an in-game atmosphere. So, the singing bats aren't actually singing about anything of substance, but it’s still a cool detail.