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The Worst and Best Guest Character in the Injustice Series
NetherRealm's formula for the "Injustice" series has been to bring in guest fighters and originally included characters from the DC universe. The developer has since added outside characters such as Scorpion and all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not all characters are created equal, however, so here are the best and worst guest fighters in the series.
Surprisingly, the worst DLC character in "Injustice" is one of the most iconic: Lord Raiden. His forward movement and projectile attack are both slow compared to other characters in the game. Plus, his teleport is rarely safe to use; many of his attacks are overly telegraphed and easy to block; and none of his abilities are strong enough to compensate for his weaknesses.
The best guest character in the series is Starfire. Her ability to fly gives her amazing mobility, and the laser blasts that make up the majority of her attacks extend her reach considerably. Not only that, the bubbly Tamaranean princess also has a Tamaranean Charge that allows her to close long distances on more ranged opponents while keeping her fighting style aggressive.