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The Worst Things The Dead Space Series Made Us Do
Needle In Your Eye
When Isaac discovers in “Dead Space 2” that he needs to do a brain scan, he must perform it by impaling himself through the pupil with a large needle. The procedure is performed as part of a minigame that will have players squirming in their seat, as they have to make sure to impale it at the right spot.
The Daycare
One sequence in “Dead Space 2” sees Isaac navigating a daycare that was attacked by Necromorphs and begins with him watching a woman get blown up while trying to help an infant infected by the Necromorphs. As Isaac battles through the area, players must shoot creatures that look like human babies.
USG Ishimura
When Isaac boards the USG Ishimura in “Dead Space 2,” he is plagued by memories and flashbacks to the events of the first game, which makes exploring the derelict ship even more terrifying as the lines between reality and memory become blurred. It's hard to force Isaac back into the source of his trauma.
Killing Stross
The camaraderie that builds between Isaac and Stross in “Dead Space 2” makes it difficult for players to not get attached to Stross, especially as he continues to accompany and aid Isaac as the game goes on. This friendship makes it all the more heart wrenching when players have to kill Stross.