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The Xbox 360 Game That Takes The Longest To Beat
The Xbox 360 is a nostalgic console for millennials, and players can remember spending hours on some of the games that now seem like primitive stepping stones to how advanced Xbox gaming has become today. According to HowLongToBeat, the longest Xbox 360 title is a heist-driven co-op shooter with a multitude of missions.
"Payday 2," a first-person shooter that follows a crew who travel to Washington D.C. for a crime spree of epic proportions, can take as little as 25 hours to reach the so-called secret story ending; however, if players are completionists, they can enjoy the game for over 500 hours. It also still receives regular updates even now, like the border crossing heist.
One of the draws of the game is the ability for up to four people to play with each other at once in a game with multiple missions to complete — CRIMENET, the network that supplies missions to players, offers jobs from cash register lootings to highway robberies. "Payday 3" is set to release in 2023, and players can only hope for many more crime-fueled shenanigans.