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There Are Only 3 Near-Perfect PS1 Games, According to Metacritic
According to review aggregation website Metacritic, these three games are the only PlayStation 1 titles to achieve an average critical review score of 96/100 or higher. PlayStation fans are likely familiar with all three of the franchises that these offerings belong to thanks to the fact that they've each received sequels or remasters on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
3. Gran Turismo
Developed by Polys Entertainment, “Gran Turismo” not only is the PlayStation 1’s best-selling game, but it’s also the third highest rated PS1 game on Metacritic with a score of 96. The game was critically acclaimed when it was released, with GMR magazine saying, "The replays had some of us doing double-takes to make sure we weren't watching real race footage."
2. Tekken 3
Although tied with “Gran Turismo” with a critic score of 96, “Tekken 3” still sits above it because of its 9.0 user score. “Tekken 3” was so well received that critics questioned if it would ever get a worthy sequel — IGN stated, "Namco's set the bar so high that we shudder with anticipation and dread over what the designers'll have to do to top this."
1. Pro Skater 2
At the top of the list is “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2,” which boasts an astounding 98. Even though many users have called it overrated, critics celebrated the game in their original reviews — GameSpot highlighted the larger levels, more robust trick catalog, and refined gameplay, while Happy Puppy said it "could possibly be the best game ever."