A Playstation 3 games console and controller, taken on February 28, 2007. (Photo by PC Format Magazine via Getty Images)
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There Are Only 4 Near-Perfect PS3 Games, According To Metacritic
Despite a lineup of fantastic offerings, gamers may find it surprising that only four PS3 games rank in the top 50 highest-rated games of all time on Metacritic — and only one launched exclusively on the PS3. Interestingly, each of these top-rated games fall under the action-adventure genre, and they all earned near-perfect scores from critics and fans alike.
4. Arkham City
"Batman: Arkham City" improved upon its acclaimed predecessor "Batman: Arkham Asylum" with new combat maneuvers, such as a counter that works against three enemies simultaneously, revamped gliding capabilities, and a bunch of fresh Bat-gadgets. The PS3 version of "Batman: Arkham City" received a 96 Metascore and an 8.8 User Score on Metacritic.
3. Uncharted 2
Critics like Giant Bomb praised "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" for its engrossing story, combat mechanics, and action-packed moments and saw Nathan, Elena, and new faces like Chloe Frazer as believable, fleshed out characters backed by superb voice-acting. The game was a PS3 exclusive and earned a 96 Metascore and an 8.8 User Score on Metacritic.
2. GTA 5
Fans attribute the 170 million copies sold of “Grand Theft Auto 5” to its incredible realism, as Rockstar Games incorporated amazing detail into Los Santos — the city brims with side quests, missions, customization options, and characters with big personalities. "GTA 5" has an 8.3 User Score on Metacritic and a 97 Metascore.
1. GTA 4
“Grand Theft Auto 4” innovated the “GTA” formula by introducing a much more believable protagonist and a city teeming with realism, from its natural-looking animations to a varied system of missions and random events the player can encounter, like car wrecks and arrests. On Metacritic's list of best PS3 games, it took the number one spot at a 98 Metascore.