A skeleton-like monster in Diablo 4
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Things About Diablo 4 That Have Us Worried
Server Issues
During the beta tests of “Diablo 4,” especially on the early access weekend, players struggled with notably long queue times as the servers were put under pressure for the first time. Further, error messages, disconnects, and other bugs cropped up to occasionally frustrate fans and keep Blizzard busy rolling out fixes.
Live Service
It will now be impossible to adventure in one's own personal world, as even those looking for a solo experience must join a server and occupy a world with other player characters. This may harm the experience for some, and being forced to connect to a server to play alone will just add insult to injury.
Monster Scaling
Monsters will automatically scale to the level of the player, and as adventurers level up, so will the enemies they're fighting. Fans of the change argue it's necessary for the open world so no area is ever too hard or easy, but fans of the old system argue that monster scaling takes away the sense of progression.
Unique Items
Uniques will now scale up to match the level of the character who found them, so the same Unique item could be found multiple times with different stats, depending on the level of the character who first got it. Advocates like that all Uniques will be viable at the endgame, but some think that shouldn’t be the case for every item.