Chris Pratt at the premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie
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Things In The Super Mario Bros. Movie You Only Notice As
An Adult
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”
Working For Spike
Spike was clearly an awful boss, as he takes joy in making others miserable. He’s so demeaning that Mario and Luigi risk starting their own business instead.
Bowser wants to marry Peach because he believes that a happy union will solve all of his problems, including his depression, which may reflect his low self-esteem.
Needle Drops
All of the movie's songs are from the '80s, the decade in which Mario made his debut. The only outlier is AC/DC's “Thunderstruck,” which was recorded in January 1990.
TOUGH Parents
The titular brothers beg their dad to take them seriously, but he hurts them with his doubt. Similarly, Donkey Kong grandstands in battle to make his dad proud.
Fatalistic Enemies
Older viewers may be taken aback by the violent deaths of the Koopa General and Bomber Bill. Although it is slapstick violence, both die in suicide bombings.