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Things Only Adults Notice In High On Life
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
“High on Life.”
Voice Actors
“High on Life” is a Justin Roiland — of “Rick and Morty” fame — production, meaning audiences will hear his voice the most, as he plays multiple NPCs and the pistol, Kenny. Joining Roiland are other Adult Swim talent like Michael Cusack (“Smiling Friends”) as Knifey, James Urbaniak (“The Venture Bros.”) as Nipulon, and David Herman (“Futurama”) as Gene.
Snipers Surrender
Typically, if gamers approach sniper nests, these enemies will try their hardest to eliminate them; however, in “High on Life,” if players can get right in snipers' faces, they immediately raise their hands into the air and surrender. This is something that most players, especially younger ones, will not try to do, but “High on Life” rewards patience from its players.
Gatlian Biology
The weapons in “High on Life” are a race of sentient guns called the Gatlians, and their biological makeup allows them to generate infinite ammo. Beyond that, their biology has some interesting implications: Since their heads are facing the player, they must fire their projectiles out of their butts, and reloading them requires yanking on questionable protuberances.
The Real Alien
At the start of "High on Life," when the villainous G3 Cartel invades Earth, the Gatlian Kenny calls the player an “alien.” Even though the Cartel and Gatlians are clearly aliens to humans, they still call the people of Earth aliens because they are foreigners to them — and one commercial in the game shows that most alien species call each other aliens.
One of the weapons players can obtain in “High on Life” is Creature — a gun that attacks by launching his nano-lifespan offspring at enemies. When going through his tutorial, Creature is initially sad that his children die after a few seconds, but then he claims it's “easy to make more” and “feels good” to do so.