Solomon Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy
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Things Only Adults Notice In Hogwarts Legacy
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Hogwarts Legacy."
Not A Villain
Sebastian Sallow ends up killing his own uncle in a fit of rage, but his quest started off with pure intentions. He only seeks to cure his sister of the ailment that is slowly killing her, which leads Sebastian to do things he may not have ever done otherwise, especially as he grows more desperate and his sister's condition worsens.
Sirona Ryan's Name
“Hogwarts Legacy” features a transgender character in the form of Sirona Ryan, the owner of the Three Broomsticks pub. However, some have claimed that she may not be the most shining example of representation, as her name begins with “Sir,” and her last name is a traditional male name.
Some fans have criticized J.K. Rowling for depicting goblins in the world of “Harry Potter'' as greedy, scheming bankers with big noses and pointy teeth, arguing that these descriptions originate from antisemitic stereotypes. While the game doesn't change the goblins’ appearance, it does have a more nuanced goblin storyline, making them more than money-hungry bank tellers.
Goblin Rebellion
The Goblin Rebellion that plays out in “Hogwarts Legacy” is rooted in very real prejudices in the Wizarding World, and it makes sense why the goblins eventually decided to rise up. They’re subject to heavy scrutiny and regulation, not allowed to carry wands, and they’re treated as untrustworthy among wizard society, which justifiably ignited a rebellion for equality and rights.
The Protagonist
The protagonist is a bit of a Mary Sue who is instantly great at pretty much everything, and it must be really frustrating to be this kid's classmate. Imagine studying for four years, only to be outmatched in every way by someone who joins Hogwarts at the age of 15 as a Fifth Year student, becoming ​​a prodigy by picking up advanced skills easily.