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Things Only Adults Notice In Overwatch 2
Moira’s Science
On the “Overwatch” Subreddit, user Aitipse_Amelie posted their theory of a disturbing detail to Moira's equipment. Upon inspecting the character's skins, they discovered that the tubes connecting the gauntlets she uses for both her alternative and primary fires disappear around her elbows, implying that the tubes go through her body to reach her backpack.
Adult Popularity
The characters in “Overwatch” are popular because of their unique playing styles and personalities, but as publications such as Kotaku have noted, they are also very popular on adult websites — especially with the release of “Overwatch 2.” This is quite literally an aspect of the game series that only adults might notice.
Genji and Mercy
One of the most popular “Overwatch” fan fantasy relationships, or “ships,” is between Genji and Mercy, which was prompted by Mercy saving Genji’s life after a battle with Hanzo. The cinematic reveal trailer for “Overwatch 2” hinted at the ship being canonical, as it shows Mercy’s place on the Overwatch jet is adorned with a keychain from Hanamura, Genji’s home map.
Cassidy’s Name
Cole Cassidy, the resident cowboy sharpshooter of “Overwatch 2,” was originally named Jesse McCree for most of the first “Overwatch.” The name “Jesse McCree” was originally given to the character in reference to a game developer, who was fired for his apparent role in fostering Activision Blizzard's toxic work culture.
A Real Hero
Back in May 2016, “Overwatch” fan Wu Hongyu tragically died one day before the game was fully released when he attempted to stop a robbery. To commemorate Hongyu's bravery, Blizzard put a ring of flowers beneath one of the space suits on the Lijiang Tower map and wrote the game’s signature phrase, “Heroes Never Die,” in Chinese above it.