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Things Only Adults Notice In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet
In “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Violet,” Primeape gains a new evolution in the Ghost-Fighting-type Annihilape, which is achieved once Primeape uses the new move Rage Fist 20 times. According to the Pokédex in “Pokémon Sun,” Primeape can become so angry it dies, and the mechanics of Rage Fist imply that Annihilape is a Primeape that was too angry to stay dead.
Bellibolt is an Electric-type newcomer that has an interesting design: Its large round eyes on the side of its head are actually fake, with its real eyes the small yellow dots above its mouth. Those who’ve played the “Dark Souls” games may recognize this design, as it is similar to the series’ Basilisks, which have large eyes that distract from the tiny ones sitting above their mouth.
According to “Pokémon Scarlet,” Garganacl can heal injured Pokémon by sprinkling salt on them, but can’t learn any moves that heal allied Pokémon. It does have the damaging move Salt Cure, and while it may sound like it should heal, the move is actually rubbing salt into another Pokémon’s wounds as if “curing” meat for preservation.
Pokérus Vaccine
The Pokérus is a very rare contagious status effect that has been around since Gen 2 and doubles the amount of effort values Pokémon gain after a battle, which increases their stats. It was very rare to encounter an infected Pokémon in the wild, which may be why Game Freak apparently decided to scrap the mechanic in “Scarlet” and “Violet,” as there is no trace of it left.
The lovable Greavard is a canine Ghost-type Pokémon that drains the life-force of anybody near it, but its “Violet” Pokédex entry states that it will incessantly follow anybody who gives it attention. So, even if people run away from Greavard to escape its vampiric aura, it will still chase after them, eventually catch up, and inadvertently kill them.