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This Deleted GTA: Vice City Mission Was Just Discovered After 20 Years
“GTA: Vice City” featured an incredible number of missions thanks to it having Rockstar’s first full-dialogue protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, voiced by the late Ray Liotta. Unfortunately, not every mission and cutscene made it into the finished product — but that hasn't stopped players from looking for scrapped content buried in the game’s files.
Recently, some savvy modders found files of a deleted “Vice City” mission in the notoriously glitch-filled “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy” remastered collection. The mission in question appears to show Tommy Vercetti working as an actor in an action film, complete with a shootout and high-speed car chase that ended in disaster.
According to the unearthed files, titled “MovieDemo.SC” and showcased by BadgerGoodger from YouTube channel Vadim M, Tommy leaves a police station and heads to a nearby club, where he gets into a gunfight (as one does in Vice City). Afterward, Tommy gets tailed by the police and eventually crashes his vehicle into explosive barrels, killing him.
BadgerGoodger speculated that perhaps Tommy was going to fill in for a stunt driver during a particularly wild movie shoot. Although fans can’t know for sure, it hasn’t stopped them from theorizing about the nature of this deleted mission and highlights just how much love there still is for the older games in the franchise.