This God of War Clone is Raising Eyebrows
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For Xbox gamers, “God of War,” one of PlayStation’s most popular, exclusive franchises, seems far out of reach — that certainly was the case until a new copycat game appeared that raised more than a few eyebrows online. For just a little more than $4, gamers could play “War Gods Zeus of Child,” a brief, but copyright-infringing, game that brought Kratos to Microsoft’s console.
“War Gods Zeus of Child” puts a Kratos look-alike in the middle of a coliseum to do battle with a multitude of large, gray, lumpy monsters, but there’s no plot, sound, or music. Perhaps most notably, the character did not have an animation for moving backward, and so just slid smoothly across the screen. Fans online couldn't believe that the game existed.
According to Eurogamer, "War Gods Zeus of Child" was part of the Xbox Creators Collection, a platform that allows independent creators to share their work and make a small profit in the process. Microsoft swiftly removed the title from the collection; however, it’s still unclear if Sony will pursue legal action against the creator of "War Gods Zeus of Child" for profiting from it.