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This is Nintendo's Biggest Fear About a New Console
During the Japanese investor Q&A on May 10, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa explained that the Nintendo Switch's successful debut allowed the company to continue developing games for the system even almost half a decade later. Creating a new console and marketing isn't as easy as it looks, so here's what Nintendo plans to do.
The Wii U in particular was Nintendo's most famous flop, selling fewer total units than the Switch did in one year. Critics attributed the Wii U's failure to problems ranging from poor marketing to a lack of third-party titles, so Nintendo plans to establish "long-term relationships" with its customers to bridge the risks of a new console.
"While continuing to release new Nintendo Switch software for consumers to enjoy, we aim to maintain relationships across hardware generations through services that utilize Nintendo Accounts and by providing opportunities for them to experience our IP through other non-gaming channels," Furukawa said. Nintendo has over 102 million annual players.