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This is the Cutest Way to Play
Elden Ring
Recently, Wario64 posted an image on Twitter of a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller and jokingly wrote, "perfect for Elden Ring. may not be allowed for EVO." Of course, the joke here was the very idea that someone would use such an adorable kids' toy to play one of the toughest games out there, but one fan turned that joke into reality.
On April 30, Twitter user @Rudeism posted, "it's done. I've turned this Fisher Price toy controller into a fully functional Xbox controller." Rudeism added, "It can do anything a standard controller can do, PLUS it still makes all the annoying sounds it did originally."
The controller is a "pretend" controller that lights up and plays sounds to help children learn colors, shapes, and numbers. With that in mind, it's nothing short of impressive that Rudeism managed to make the controller compatible with a gaming laptop, with the only visible modifications being an added USB port at the top.
The most hilarious part of the build was that all the original controller's baby-like sound effects functioned correctly. When pressing the left thumbstick down, the controller sings a song, and when pressing the A, B, C, & D buttons, the controller calls out the corresponding color.