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This May Be The Worst Pokémon Evolution Of All Time
Several designs for new Pokémon have been leaked in the weeks leading up to "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet," including evolutions of already existing Pokémon. Evolutions build upon a Pokémon’s design, usually making it bigger, more complex, and more imposing, but the recently leaked evolution for Dunsparce seems like a particularly lazy attempt at this.
Pictures of Dunsparce’s evolution, Dudunsparce, have been leaked on Twitter, and rather than modifying the creature's design to make it look more imposing, it looks as if the developers at Game Freak have simply copy-and-pasted a second thorax onto it. That's right, Dudunsparce has two body segments, complete with a second set of tiny, feeble wings.
Some fans were upset over the transformation, but others thought it was oddly appropriate for such a weird creature. One wrote, "it's way better than any fan-made evolution I've seen throughout the years. This was the perfect way to evolve Dunsparce and it really highlights how weird and creative this generation is."