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Tragic Details About Pewdiepie's Wife, Marzia Kjellberg
Quitting YouTube
The news of Marzia Kjellberg quitting YouTube was a shock considering she had 7.4 million subscribers on the platform for her makeup and fashion content. In a now-deleted video, Marzia shared her mental health troubles from her YouTube life, saying, “I had never struggled so much [...] to carry out everyday tasks. I just didn’t want to leave the house.”
Home invasion
Marzia and PewDiePie’s home was broken into in 2019, where she reported on Instagram that “they took 90% of my valuables,” which included jewelry, luxury goods, and special items. Despite her worries about sounding materialistic, many fans supported her, understanding that some possessions are worth more than just monetary value, and theft can feel like a violation.
Accident Prone
During her and PewDiePie’s second honeymoon, Marzia shared a photo on Instagram and explained that a knife slipped out of its packaging and landed tip-first on her toe, leaving it heavily bruised. A year later, Marzia would share another photo on the social media platform of a deep cut on her finger she received after opening a metal can.
There’s a seemingly endless amount of hate on the internet, and Mariza has experienced more hate than most as detractors claim she only became successful because of PewDiePie. However, Marzia’s effort and her creations speak for themselves, and she continues to do even more, like writing a novel and creating her fashion line.
Marzia shared her struggles with being in front of the camera due to her insecurities about her appearance. However, she pointed out that the initial COVID-19 quarantine period caused her to do some self-reflection, ultimately leading her to work on accepting herself how she is.