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TV Shows That Perfectly Summed Up Gaming
The Office
Anyone who frequents multiplayer games has at least one story of teaming up with someone who didn't know how to play. In “The Office,” the Stamford branch plays “Call of Duty,” but Jim Halpert sucks at the game, constantly shooting his own teammates and using a sniper rifle in close quarters, and his poor performance drags his team down and annoys them.
Batman Beyond
In the "Batman Beyond" episode, "Sentries of the Last Cosmos," three kids spend hours mastering a game, delving into its lore, and are almost tricked by the game’s “creator” into killing the innocent man who programmed the game. Murder attempts are unlikely, but not paying developers and disassociating them from their games is common in the actual gaming world.
An episode of "Malcolm in the Middle" pokes fun at the irony of violence in video games. The brothers Malcolm and Reese are kind and courteous to each other while playing a violent video game, but when their mother Lois forces them to turn it off for being “too violent,” the brothers revert back to their dysfunctional selves.
Every gamer is nostalgic, even George from “Seinfeld.” He discovers the pizza parlor he and Jerry used to hang out at still has the "Frogger" cabinet he played in high school — and his high score is still unbeaten. George decides to buy the cabinet, but hijinks ensue when he realizes that moving it will require unplugging the machine and erasing his score.
Regular Show
Gamers love high score challenges. In the episode "High Score" of “Regular Show,” Mordecai and Rigby decide to earn some respect by achieving the high score in the fictional arcade game "Broken Bonez," and the episode culminates in a high stakes battle against a giant head named Garret Bobby Ferguson while a crowd cheers them on.