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Video Game Merchandise That Turned Out Different Than Advertised
Fable 2
“Fable 2” had a special collector's edition that was advertised as coming with a cute figurine of the Hobbe enemy type, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a set of themed tarot cards, a special box, and some exclusive DLC. A few weeks before release, however, Microsoft announced that most of the physical contents would be dropped because of "supply chain issues."
Fallout 76
“Fallout 76” promised, among other physical goodies, a canvas bag with branding for the in-game company West Tek. A multitude of things went wrong with the bag: it turned out to be made of cheap nylon; instead of replacing them, Bethesda offered $5 worth of in-game currency; and it was learned that only influencers received the actual full quality bags.
When Twitter user @DaSt34lth4g3nt ordered a high quality, detailed, 10.24-Inch PVC statue of “Hitman” protagonist Agent 47 off of Amazon, they got much less than expected. Their statue was obviously of a much cheaper quality than the one advertised, both in terms of the material used and the paint job — even the base was different.
The Witcher
Geralt, the protagonist of “The Witcher” series, has had two statue mishaps in the collector’s editions of "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings" and "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." The former featured a bust of Geralt that arrived to customers in various states of disrepair, and the latter had a poorly painted statue of Geralt fighting a griffin.
Call of Duty
The collector’s edition for “Call of Duty World at War” included a special storage tin to hold the game and a stainless steel canteen with the game's logo on it. Fans were utterly disappointed to learn that the canteen was non-functioning and had a glued-on top that could only be forcefully removed, but the interior smelled terrible and would likely spoil any liquid.