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Video Games That Are Too Disturbing to Finish
Binding of Isaac
The opening narration of “Binding of Isaac” informs you that Isaac's mother spends her day watching religious television, and that God spoke to her and told her that her son Isaac (that's you!) needs to be killed. You battle your mother as a boss, throwing bombs at her eyes until she explodes in a shower of blood.
Doki Doki
“Doki Doki Literature Club” is openly hostile towards you — not your character, but you, the player — as it obscures conversation options, keeping you from choosing them, and it mocks your decisions and your helplessness. If you somehow manage to make it through all the bizarre and disturbing material, you're rewarded with a terribly bleak ending.
Eternal Darkness
“Eternal Darkness” utilizes a sanity meter to disorient the player, and as your character encounters the Cthuluhu-esque terrors of the game, they gradually lose their mind. You'll go up to the screen to kill a fly that isn't really there, your save files look like they’re being erased when you’re reloading your game, and entire scenes will play out that aren’t happening.
Heavy Rain
The central story in “Heavy Rain” is disturbing enough — searching for a serial killer and a missing son — but its “finger removal” scene ranks as one of the most difficult elements to handle. It forces you to decide if you can trust the serial killer to provide the information you need, and all you have to do is cut off one of your fingers.
Little Nightmares
In “Little Nightmares,” you take control of a small child in a raincoat who must work her way through a terrifying maze filled with grotesque enemies. The twin chefs, who hack into meat, would love to slap you onto their cutting boards, and the ravenous guests of the Maw, the prison that holds you hostage, claw over each other to get to you.