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Video Games That Let You Fight Your Parents
In “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,” Owl, the foster parent and sword trainer of Sekiro, tries to persuade Sekiro to join him by invoking the Iron Code, which states that children must obey their parents. If Sekiro rejects his father, Owl pretends to accept the decision before striking Sekiro once his back is turned — but Sekiro fights back with style.
Bayonetta’s father, Balder, transforms from a well-intentioned Lumen Sage into a villainous tyrant that Bayonetta must defeat in battle. The fight is truly epic, with Bayonetta and Balder posing and hurling magic across pieces of a crumbling building. This feud with Bayonetta's dad feels world-changing, even though it is only the prelude to the zaniness of "Bayonetta 2."
Final Fantasy
Before “Final Fantasy 10” begins, Jecht discovers that he's from another world and fights to make sure his son, Tidus, is safe. Although Jecht ultimately transforms into a monster, he demonstrates love for Tidus; however, Tidus grows up to fight Jecht in a heartbreaking battle, knowing that his father is trapped inside a monstrous being that threatens the world.
From Jinpachi Mishima all the way to Jin Kazama in “Tekken,” players can craft epic battles between Mishima family members, where children face off against their parents, grandparents, and cousins. It's a massive battle with enough bad blood to ignite the Devil Gene — a genetic abnormality that gives fighters superstrength and a devil form with superhuman abilities.
In “Hades,” Zagreus, the son of Hades, must repeatedly escape the underworld to learn about his mother, Persephone. Each time Zagreus makes it to the end of the underworld, he must best Hades to get to the world of mortals. As Zagreus continues to defeat his father, their relationship morphs as Hades' opinions of his son and his former lover, Persephone, evolve.