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PT (Silent Hills)
Released as a demo during E3 2014, PT was a mysterious spookfest, where players began in a barren room that eventually turned into something like “Amityville Horror” — for instance, a discarded fetus talked to players in a bathroom sink. PT (playable teaser) was hype for a new “Silent Hill” game, but unfortunately, Konami and Kojima Productions parted ways before it could be completed.
Siren: Blood Curse
“Siren: Blood Curse” was a 2008 re-imagining of the cult favorite “Siren” series for the PlayStation 3. In addition to being crazy-scary every time a new shibuto — the game’s creature — appeared out of thin air with its soulless, bloody eyes, the episodic nature of “Blood Curse” made it perfect for binge-playing with friends.
Dead Space
Developed by EA's Redwood Studios, "Dead Space" was a brilliant third-person, action-horror game that terrified players from the moment they stepped foot on the USG Ishimura. Not only were the game’s antagonists — the necromorphs — nasty, aggressive creatures, but they had to be dismembered in order to be vanquished, which made every encounter a white-kuckle battle.
Layers Of Fear
“Layers of Fear” was an unexpectedly chilling delight that followed a disturbed artist as he tried to complete his masterpiece. The game’s atmosphere is what made it truly creeptastic: The painter protagonist went more than a little bit mad, and his artworks were horrific and violent affairs that would give anyone staring at them goosebumps.
Until Dawn
Debuted in 2015 on PS4, “Until Dawn” featured Hollywood stars like Rami Malek in a slasher film heavily steeped in horror film tropes, but it stood out because of its “choose your own adventure” style gameplay. “Until Dawn” is best played with others not because of its scares, but so your friends can also partake in the action.