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Warzone's Creepiest Glitch is Somehow Worse Than Before
“Warzone” used to feature a glitch that made weapons appear as flickering black boxes, rendering enemies impossible to target or kill effectively. The worst part was that the graphics didn't load the same for everyone, meaning that some players saw the unsettling black box while others saw the game load normally.
Something in the "Warzone" update caused gun textures to load incorrectly, stretching the guns into an absurd flickering black box. This graphics anomaly caused players to experience difficulties seeing enemies in the game, but it also restricted visuals for the glitched gun wielder as well.
Now, some players are experiencing an even creepier version of the glitch that renders enemies as giant, spiky blobs. In response to a Reddit post sharing footage of the glitch, one user said that the player shouldn't have taken on the blob, while another compared it to the smoke monster in "LOST."
Players unfortunately didn't have much advice to offer in regards to the glitch, with some suggesting that it seems to be a variation of the gun render issue. For now, it's best to just shoot into the eldritch horror and hope for the best.