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What The Critics Are Saying About Gotham Knights
Critics have finally gotten their hands on "Gotham Knights," the open-world adventure game that follows the question of what would happen if Batman died. The early Metacritic score was low, and although almost every reviewer agreed that the co-op mechanics were outstanding, other elements tanked the game in their eyes.
Tyler Colp at PC Gamer explained that there's not a good enough reason to switch between the four Bat-protege characters — any one will do for the job. However, Sam Comrie at Dexerto enjoyed the sense of freedom in being able to choose which character to play and argued that the game’s focus on player autonomy makes it stand out.
The story was another place where the game seems to take a dive for the worst. At best, critics like GameRant's Joshua Duckworth argued that the game's not bad or good, just mediocre. While the game's heroes are grappling with the death of their beloved mentor, the heaviness doesn't seem to translate to the players, leading to a disconnect between story and experience.
"Gotham Knights" also seemed to have performance issues — Comrie reviewed the game on the PlayStation 5 and mentioned that the game struggled to run at 30FPS. Overall, critics felt the title didn’t seem to deliver the satisfaction that other ARPGs do, but players will be able to decide for themselves when “Gotham Knights” is released on October 21, 2022.