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Why Forspoken Didn’t Get The Reaction Square Enix Hoped For
Square Enix didn’t quite get its dream reaction to “Forspoken,” as PS5 Metacritic scores for the game were mixed with critics at 67/100 and fans at a brutal 3.7/10. Steam reviews were generally mixed, and PC Metacritic scores landed low at 2.0/10. According to gamers, there’s a lot to be upset about with this lackluster RPG.
Many would-be fans of “Forspoken” found the story to be paper-thin, with poorly designed characters, including a disappointing protagonist whose dialogue is full of bickering and clichés. As one “Forspoken” forsaker mentioned in a Metacritic PS5 review, “Apparently there is a narrative but good luck figuring out what it is, as the writing is terrible.”
While the sprawling landscape of Athia, the game’s setting, is beautiful, it feels oddly empty according to some players. One Steam reviewer stated, “They advertised the game to be this grand open world, but once you go somewhere you’re not yet supposed to be the game literally tells you to go back with a warning or just ports you.”