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Why Hogwarts Legacy Is Banned On Steam In Russia
Before “Hogwarts Legacy” was released, gamers on Steam and Reddit noticed that sales of the title had been blocked on Steam for users in Russia and Belarus. This block seems to amount to a ban in Russia on the distributor side, and the action left many fans asking why the nation had been subject to the move.
The Steam ban likely stems from a decision by its parent company Valve and Warner Bros. Games to cease or reduce operations in Russia in protest of the country’s invasion of Ukraine, which has sparked a global backlash. The inclusion of Belarus further supports this, as it has been Russia's chief ally in Europe and subject to the same restrictions and sanctions as Russia.
Banning the sale of the game in Russia has sparked debate among fans about the ethics of the decision. While some understand the reasoning behind it and support efforts to pressure Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, others argue that it’s punishing innocent Russians for the actions of their government, putting “Hogwarts Legacy” in the middle of another political debate.