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Why Modern Warfare 2 Players Might Want To Avoid Weapon Attachments
2022's "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" continues to reshape how weapon attachments function, with a new mechanic known as "Weapon Tuning." The system sees players choosing between their attachments, as each carries both benefits and negatives, but one small element that the game throws into the mix has many players swearing off weapon attachments entirely.
According to disgruntled "Modern Warfare 2" players, the big issue with the game's weapon attachments and optics is that each one of them shifts a weapon's aim-down-sights (ADS) movement sensitivity. "You're better off using no attachments," Michaeloa13 posted on Reddit. "The cons outweigh the pros on every attachment."
Certain players pushed back on the idea that attachments changing ADS rates is a poor mechanic. "It's also for BALANCE," millwaterj wrote in a separate thread. "Why should you get minimal recoil AND minimal ADS speed? How come all the 'good' players are struggling so much now that they can't have laser beam rifles with instant ads speeds and super silent feet?”