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Why N64's Conker's Bad Fur Day Never Got A Sequel
Rare’s "Conker's Bad Fur Day," one of the most beloved games of the N64 era, is in a league all of its own — it’s one of the only M-rated games available on the Nintendo 64. Development on a sequel began almost immediately after it was released, and everything was going well for a short while, but at some point everything went awry.
“Conker” voice actor Chris Seavor confirmed the existence of a potential sequel, entitled “Conker’s Other Bad Day,” in a 2008 interview and detailed how the game would have followed Conker’s tenure as king. In 2019, Seavor revealed that the sequel was nearly completed, including the layout of the world, but was scrapped due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare.
In 2002, Microsoft bought Rare for $375 million and set the game development company to work on Xbox Exclusives aimed at younger audiences, which meant dropping the “Conker” sequel. Instead, Rare would go on to develop games like "Perfect Dark Zero," "Viva Pinata," and the hit “Sea of Thieves.”