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Why Sega Won’t Release a Dreamcast Mini
Fans’ hopes for a Dreamcast Mini were dashed when Sega announced in early June 2022 the Mega Drive Mini 2, a follow-up to the 2019 model. Sega hardware producer Yosuke Okunari revealed that the company has considered creating a Dreamcast Mini, but cited that the pandemic has made it too costly of an option to pursue.
Despite only being manufactured for less than three years, the Dreamcast has its fair share of fans, who fondly remember its successful games like “Shenmue.” Unfortunately, the Dreamcast failed to compete with other major systems of the time like Sony's PlayStation 2, so Sega receded from the hardware market and shifted its resources elsewhere.
Sega fans may have to settle for the Mega Drive Mini 2, as they probably won't get a Dreamcast Mini due to the manufacturing costs. Hopefully the company changes their mind. It looks like the demand is there, but Sega isn't ready to go all in on the investment, especially given the continued supply chain issues.