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Why Snaking In Call Of Duty Is So Controversial
In “Call of Duty,” “snaking” involves swiftly moving between a prone and crouching position when behind cover to peek over the barrier and survey the area. This might seem like a smart and effective tactic for “Call of Duty,” especially in a competitive environment, but it’s become a controversial move at the center of several heated discussions.
According to Joe Craven of Dexerto, snaking is controversial in the competitive “Call of Duty” scene due to its effectiveness. “When pros are snaking — because of how quickly it is performed and the object obscuring the player — they are nigh on impossible to hit. However, from their perspective, it is still fairly easy to see over the cover they are snaking behind,” said Craven.
For certain Redditors, the problem with snaking extended beyond its utility. One user likened it to “[taking] cheap shots” in the NFL, while another compared it to “foul baiting in the NBA.” Despite the controversy surrounding snaking, it remains legal in competitive play, with none of the official “Call of Duty” League rules and guidelines mentioning it.