Shigeru Miyamoto attends special screening of Universal Pictures' "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" at Regal LA Live on April, 1, 2023.
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Why The Japanese Super Mario Bros Movie Script Is Different
The Japanese version of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” hit theaters on April 28, 2023, and differs significantly from the original North American version.
Although the original “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was a collaborative effort between Illumination Studios and Nintendo, the latter independently developed the Japanese script.
Mario creator and the film’s producer Shigeru Miyamoto shared, “We wanted to create a script that wouldn't be awkward when compared to Chris's [the director] version.”
Miyamoto stated that some of the nuances in the English script were hard to understand, so it makes sense why he would want to develop something new for Japanese audiences.
If American audiences would like to see the Japanese version of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” the alternate film will have a limited run at select theaters in the U.S.