Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy
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Will Hogwarts Legacy Get DLC?
Despite being surrounded by controversy, “Hogwarts Legacy” has established itself as one of the first big hits of 2023, not only breaking records but becoming the biggest launch in Warner Bros. Games’ history. Given its popularity with players and critics, fans have begun to wonder if developer Avalanche Software will build on that success with future DLC.
Game director Alan Tew said that the team had focused entirely on getting the game out with little time to think beyond its launch and had “no current plans for DLC.” Avalanche made an understandable decision to focus on the game’s release and continue to work toward the launch of the game for the Nintendo Switch and other last-gen consoles.
Eric J. Brown, who worked on “Hogwarts Legacy,” implied in a tweet that DLC may come later, posting, “A better way to frame Alan's response to the DLC question, is to remember that we've only launched on half of our SKUs so far.” Avalanche and Warner Bros. Games won't devise plans for DLC until the base game has rolled out on all intended platforms.