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xQc Reveals Tremendous Gambling Losses to Pokimane
xQc recently sat down with Pokimane to record the first episode of their podcast and ended up discussing the losses he's experienced as the result of his gambling addiction. While the podcast itself might be in trouble due to xQc's lack of a cohesive schedule, that didn't stop the two streamers from discussing xQc's struggle with gambling.
After some casual chat, things eventually turned serious when Pokimane began discussing gambling sites. She explained that gambling sites want to make a profit off players, so they sometimes intentionally rig games for players to lose.
xQc attempted to justify gambling sites, but said that players have to spend more money than they win. Pokimane asked xQc what his opinion on streaming gambling is now that he's openly addicted, but he said, "It hasn't changed."
xQc maintained that he enjoys gambling, because it's fun and he can shoulder the losses when they come. "I lost 1.85 mil this month," he said. Pokimane suggested that xQc might not have as much fun gambling off-stream as he does on-stream, but xQc said that simply wasn't the case.