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You Can Finally Play Fortnite On iPhone Again, But There's
A Catch
On May 5th, Xbox shared the news that "Fortnite" is now playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS for iPhones and iPad, Android Phones and tablets, and Windows PC. According to Xbox, this is an official collaboration with Epic Games, with the goal of making "Fortnite" available on as many devices as possible.
"Fortnite" will be making use of Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is currently in beta and available in 26 countries. Cloud gaming is unique as it doesn't use a device's hardware to run a game, but instead, it streams the games via the internet.
However, because "Fortnite" is a free-to-play game, gamers won't need an Xbox Game Pass subscription to play. According to the article, all players need to do is head over to and sign in with a Microsoft Account to get started.