Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4
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You Can Kill A Boss With An Egg In The Resident Evil 4 Remake
Gold Chicken Eggs can be found in a Hidden Coop on the far end of the lake or in a box in the castle's throne room. Here's how players can use this egg to defeat Ramón Salazar.
Chucking a Gold Chicken Egg at the transformed villain will severely injure him, causing Salazar to fall to the ground and open himself up for a finishing attack.
Players can then use any close range weapon, including a shotgun, submachine gun, or a grenade. If a player has two Gold Chicken Eggs, the second egg can beat Salazar really fast.
Streamer Larxa gained a great deal of attention on Twitter for using this exact strategy, noting that one Gold Chicken Egg apparently wipes out 70% of Salazar's health.